Take part in our project!!!


It's a strange time with a lot of the world on lockdown at the moment and we thought a little group art project to keep people busy would be fun so ta da, we came up with an Exquisite Corpse challenge. A fun game you might've already played as a kid or at art school, you draw or collage each part of a character without seeing the part above and below and when it's unfolded the final strange figure is revealed. A common game played by surrealist artists, it's a fun way to create and come up with unpredictable images.

When the studio is open again I will set about making a zine with the final results which people can mix and match body parts with. It'll be nice to see everyones artwork together in one book, so get creating.
You can email me for a blank template and digitally make your work, or draw/collage it and scan or take a good quality pic of it and send it to me : sarah4gutterpress@gmail.com

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